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Qiagen HPV Forum 2015


Forum:           Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Venue:            KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research

When:             Tuesday 17th– 18thMarch 2015.


KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research is partnering with the Ministry of Health, Bio-Zeq Kenya and Qiagen in various programs and training aimed at eradicating cervical cancer from our society. This is being made possible by the application of the latest cutting-edge technology available through integrated health system.

The partnership is a unique initiative bearing in mind that the ministry of health is devolving health systems to the counties and that the initiative will go a long way in the facilitating easy access of our services to the desolate areas with depleted health resources.

We shall be holding a stakeholders conference that will bring together key opinion leaders both locally and internationally with experience in cervical cancer screening   to deliberate on the problem at hand (Human Papilloma Virus that causes cervical cancer).

The conference deliberations will include:

·         Implementing screening programs in both urban and rural areas

·         Review of published clinically validated data

·         Gold-Standard Testing Solutions

This Conference will examine international, regional and national ‘best practices’ geared towards achieving vision 2030.  The deliberations will concentrate on the means of eradicating cervical cancer and be a Platform for Action, to chart the way forward towards achieving the goal.

The deliverables will be a set of substantive policy and action-oriented recommendations that will be leveraged through all the forty seven counties.