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1. 2013  Robert Lang'at, Jackton Indangasi, Simon Ogola, et al. Characterization of HIV-1 Gag & Nef T cell Responses in an HIV-1 infected Kenyan Population. 
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 2. 2013 Jackton Indangasi, et al. Detection of Immune Responses in Mucosal T-cells in Kenya. 

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3. 2013 W. Jaoko, G. Omosa-Manyonyi, et al Enhancing Capacity of Research Ethics Review Committees in Developing Countries The Kenyan Example. 

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4. 2013 Onyango J. I. Obila, Marianne W. Mureithi, Julius O. Oyugi, A. O. Anzala, Rupert Kaul. Impact of Depo-Provera on Female Genital Tract Immunology. 

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5. 2013 J. Indangasi, et al  Neutropenia and Anemia among HIV Infected Adults on Zidovudine containing Antiretroviral Therapy in Kangemi - Kenya.  

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6. 2013 Emily Nyariki. Volunteers Perceptions and Experiences of Clinical Research Participation in Kenya Case Study of KAVI Volunteers. 

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7. 2013 AIDSVaccine  - Selection and Optimisation of a Mucosal Sampling Method for Application in Phase 1 Clinical Trials. 

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 8. 2013 ICASA  - Vaccine Induced Seropositivity in non-infected HIV Vaccine Trial Volunteers Poster 

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9. 2013 AIDSVaccine - Performance of commercially available HIV Rapid and HIV ELISA test kits on post HIV vaccination sample. 

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10. 2013 KAVI-ICR Abstract. 

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11.2013 Nadia Chanzu, Walter Mwanda, Julius Oyugi and Omu Anzala ABO, Duffy and Secretor Phenotype Profiles among Blood Donors in Nairobi, Kenya. 

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12. 2013 Mutua G, Nyange J, Farah B, Oyugi J, Olenja J, Omosa-Manyonyi G, Khaniri M, Jaoko W, Anzala. An Integrated Approach to Clinical Trial Capacity Building. 

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13.  2013 Julie Ambia, Kawango Agot, Joyce Olenja, Omu Anzala Barriers and Facilitators to Adherence in User-Dependent Trials. 

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