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This training aims at equipping members of institutional review boards (IRB) with the necessary knowledge and skills for reviewing research and program proposals. In additions it equips the IRBs with necessary skills needed for accreditation   It was developed in collaboration with the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI), the Kenya national regulatory authority for research in Kenya at ministry of education

The scope of Bioethics training includes the following: Bioethics Practice, Conflict of Interest, Data Safety Monitoring Board, Essential Elements of a Research Proposal, Historical Perspectives, Informed Consent and Protection of Vulnerable Persons, Legal Aspects of Bioethics, Material Transfer Agreement, Minimum Standard of Care, National Ethics Review Guidelines, Protocol Review Process, Standard Operating Procedures, Study Designs and Clinical Trials, The Role of Ethics Committees.


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Journal Club

  1. Dr Njambi Njuguna: KAVI-ICR PhD Candidate

     Title: Antiretroviral adherence and HIV service optimization (Ongoing PhD Research Update).

  2. Sangeetha Paramathas: Visiting PhD Candidate. The University of Toronto/The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada

     Title: Circulating Tumor DNA for cancer surveillance in Li-Fraumeni syndrome and pediatric sarcomas

Friday 6th Sep 2019 from 7.00am to 8.30am

Venue: KAVI - ICR Boardroom

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