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Immunology and Vaccines Development

During our interaction with healthcare professionals and researchers in the East Africa region, the need for a short course in Immunology and Vaccines has been raised a number of times by participants. This is because the knowledge of immunology is crucial in the understanding of infectious diseases, and vaccines are critical in the control and prevention of many infectious diseases. KAVI-ICR took up the challenge and has just completed developing this course and intends to pilot in September 2014 before rolling it out starting December 2014.

The one week course will target: Clinicians, Pharmacists, Laboratory Scientists, Nurses, Public Health Professionals, Healthcare professionals interested in clinical aspects of vaccine delivery, Post-graduate students, Policy makers, Managers of vaccines and immunization programs, and Veterinary practitioners.

The objective is to strengthen the knowledge and understanding among healthcare professional within Sub Saharan Africa in the field of vaccines and immunizations and at the end equip participants with skills and knowledge in the concepts and principals of: how vaccines are made, why they made, how they are tested, how they work and new frontiers in vaccine research.


Course Content 

•Principles of  Immunology and Vaccinology

•Vaccines and Immunization

•Vaccine Research & development

•Economics of Immunizations/Vaccines

•Ethics and Regulation of Vaccines

•Impact of Vaccines

•Future of Vaccines and Immunizations


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Journal Club

  1. Dr Njambi Njuguna: KAVI-ICR PhD Candidate

     Title: Antiretroviral adherence and HIV service optimization (Ongoing PhD Research Update).

  2. Sangeetha Paramathas: Visiting PhD Candidate. The University of Toronto/The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada

     Title: Circulating Tumor DNA for cancer surveillance in Li-Fraumeni syndrome and pediatric sarcomas

Friday 6th Sep 2019 from 7.00am to 8.30am

Venue: KAVI - ICR Boardroom

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