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Upcoming Vaccinology Course





Venue/Country: KAVI-ICR, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Dates: 25TH-29TH SEPTEMBER 2017

Costs: $150 per -person


Although a lot has been achieved in diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases remain a major threat to global health, causing severe morbidity and mortality worldwide. To mitigate against these emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases the World Health Organization (WHO) global plan for vaccines 2011 to 2020 endorsed by 194 countries, aims at strengthening current routine immunization by accelerating control of vaccine preventable diseases, introducing new and improved vaccines and spurring research and development of the next generation of vaccines and technologies. New knowledge and technology for research and development for vaccine and other biologicals is emerging. Individuals, communities, healthcare professionals, universities and governments have primary responsibility for exploiting these emerging technologies to confront the challenges that this decade brings and the forecast global challenges of the future. Understanding how vaccines are developed, how vaccines work and legal issues in vaccination are some of the topics that will be addressed in this course.

Broad objective: Strengthen the capacity within Sub Saharan Africa in the field of vaccines and immunization

Who should attend?

  • Clinicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Laboratory Scientists
  • Nurses
  • Public Health Professionals
  • Healthcare professionals interested in clinical aspects of vaccine delivery
  • Post-graduate students (public health and clinical fields)
  • Policy makers
  • Managers of vaccine programs
  • Bio-Ethics and Regulatory members

At the end of this course the participants should be able to know:

  • The concepts and principles of vaccines and immunization
  • How and why vaccines are made
  • Immunological mechanisms for vaccine protection.
  • New technology and  ideas contributing to future vaccines development and
  • delivery
  • Impact of vaccines and immunization in the control of infectious diseases.

Training Methods: Teaching will be in the form of lectures, case studies, debates and visits to clinical research facilities. KAVI-ICR will provide training materials to participants.


How to Register;

Fill the registration form online or Download the form attached, fill, scan and send to the email below before 09TH SEPTEMBER 2017; Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

Other Details;

  1. Course payment instructions will be given soon after registration
  2. Subsistence allowance and accommodation to be arranged & paid for by the Participants.